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Build Up Your Social Media Presence Using These Three Personal Powers

Instead of being on defense when it comes to social media, show the world you mean business with respect, compassion and dignity. Ask anyone of your friends or online connections if they’ve found themselves going down a rabbit hole online and a bunch of them probably will say, “Yep, it happened just the other day.”

Everyone is trying to yank and pull for attention in the online space. People will go to great lengths for a few minutes of your precious time. Do you ever do an inventory of how much time you actually spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and so on? I’d imagine for a lot of us, that the time inventory would be incredibly imbalanced.

There was a time many years ago where Facebook actually was all about staying connected to families and friends to hear about their successes and tough times. People shared births, anniversaries, new jobs, and deaths. These things were shared with others out of simply wanting to stay in touch.

Along the way, though, businesses and entrepreneurs found a way to get their products and services out through the use of social media. We’ve used it to launch programs, books, products, conferences…you name it. Yet, where did the honoring process for other human beings get lost in the shuffle? It got lost because a hunger for the almighty currency (money) took precedence.

Bringing back these three personal elements that are within every one of us back to the online world will go a long way toward changing its current state of crisis. ­

Here are three suggestions:

1. Show respect

Everyone wants to be heard and respected. It’s not going to happen all of the time because human beings have differences of opinions. Is it so hard to simply respect another person’s opinion or thought without totally eviscerating them through online comments? We all get triggered by other people, but there is a way to respectfully disagree with others.

In fact, one way you could actually show others respect is by not reacting and commenting out of that energy. You and I are not going to agree on every single topic all the time. That’s a given as we are human. I do believe a little more respect shown in the online space can change the landscape a bit more.

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” – Confucius

2.  Show compassion

Understand this point about compassion: We all have the capacity to share this emotion with others. It does not mean you have to roll over and just take someone’s abuse. That’s not what I am talking about. Online bullying and scathing words have led some teenagers and adults to committing suicide.

When online behavior reaches that level, then people need to take one giant step back and ask themselves, “What’s going on inside me that I react in that way?” Alas, though, we don’t all think before writing.

Businesses especially need to be careful about their own words and phrases. Case in point: Watch social media platforms during big sports days, like Saturday during Rugby matches.

It’s tough not to “tweet” something toward your favorite team when something goes awry. Do not think you can simply get away with whatever you say because you are a multi-billion-dollar company. One streak of bad news can turn a real sweet streak of success into a pool of failure and despair. Showing compassion to others online starts with you.

3. Show dignity

Where in the world has our dignity gone as a society? This is not about politics or religion in this space. It all comes down to personal accountability and honor. Dignity for corporations and large businesses is not too hot these days. A lot of them don’t know how to effectively communicate with employees or customers through their written and verbal words.

They lean on their historic past filled with pictures of profits soaring through the roof and being the darling of whatever sector they are in for business. A lot of people in high places of power totally forget where they came from, like the bottom of the barrel, and act like fools.

The more dignity you show others in business and life, the more it will be showed towards you. This kind of follows one of those universal laws around cause and effect. The action you take (the cause) leads to the response (the effect), so be dignified in your approach to business and life.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you use all three of these elements in your social media presence, more people will become attracted to you and your business. These can become the foundation for your success both today and in the future.

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Finding Your Home Business Niche

Finding Your Home Business Niche
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy


When some folks begin to think about a business of their own,
they know in that very moment what kind they are going to start.
Then, there are the rest of us…

Knowing that we want to have a business of our own is not
enough. Many of us have struggled with the important question of
what type of enterprise we would like to start.

Franchises offer a simple pre-packaged money making idea, but
the cost of a franchise often makes it a prohibitive option to
most folks who contemplate going out on their own.

For those who do not have a million dollars to buy a McDonalds
franchise, we must look to other ideas for our own business.

There are literally hundreds of lucrative home business ideas
for you to choose from, which will suit every type of
personality and all levels of financing. From selling
information on the Internet as a infopreneur, to growing
delicious gourmet mushrooms for sale to restaurants and catering
companies; there is a pile of money to be made by filling a
need, for these and a host of other necessary services.

Of course, actually liking what you do, will have a lot to do
with the success of your new venture, so be sure to pick a home
business that you’ll enjoy running and that will keep you

For example, if you’re a math whiz, an accounting or income tax
service might be the ideal home business for you to start.
Perhaps writing is your forte and you’d like to start your own
home based copywriting service or advertising agency. Each of
these businesses can be run successfully–and profitably from
the comfort of your own home.

Academia might not be your cup of tea, but maybe you are good
with your hands — having a creative genius where crafts are
concerned. Craft items are red-hot sellers at swap meets,
country fairs and world wide over the Internet, and they can
provide you with solid profits. If crafts don’t interest you,
then why not start a laundry service with pick-up and delivery,
or a shopping service for shut-in’s–even a companion service or
granny sitter or a doctor shuttle service; any of which, could
be much in demand, in and around your neighborhood or community.

When brainstorming new ideas for your future home business, keep
in mind the soul of any successful endeavor is providing a
product or service that others will actually purchase in
quantities. Satisfy the needs of your target market, and your
target market will keep you and your home based business
healthy, happy and profitable.

Below are some suggestions for home business ideas that might
help you decide on a suitable venture in which to invest.

Multi-level-marketing (mlm), floral/plant service for offices
and hospitals, pooper-scooper service, dog walking service,
answering service, vending machine service, gift basket service,
homemade soap maker, mobile windshield repair service, mobile
tire repair service, income tax specialist, researcher,
freelance writer, business card and letterhead designer,
courier, shut-in/shuttle service, landscaping service, tree
trimming service, wood crafter, carpenter, crafts and crafting
supplies, pool cleaning service, plants/nursery starts, growing
herbs, growing mushrooms, garage sale and swap meet vendor,
proofreader, private investigator, typing service, interior
decorator/designer, website design, wedding consultant, hot
lunch/snack vendor at local courthouses, pet sitting service,
pet grooming service, Internet entrepreneur, paralegal, gourmet
catering service, new media production, mobile cosmetic
technician, mobile nail technician, mobile hair stylist,
aerobics instructor, personal fitness trainer, advertising
consultant, companion service, small printing service.

Ideas, ideas; hopefully the above ideas will give you some fresh
ideas of your own to mull over. A spring board if you will, on
which to dive into your own chosen home business.

When you work from home, any business you start has the
potential to explode into a perpetual gold mine! It just depends
on how much your home business is in demand around your
community or on the Internet. Your home business might start
slow and steady, regularly picking up clients as you become more
established. On the other hand, your chosen home business may
take off like wildfire, quickly becoming too hot for you to
handle by yourself (well done!). This is the time to enlist the
help of willing family members to help you out in your time of
need, which will make your business into a friendly, family
concern. This will also help family members better understand
your business and get a grasp on the mechanics of profit.

Good luck in all your decisions and have fun with your home
business, which ever one you choose, and don’t forget to enjoy
your newfound freedom!

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