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Appi Travel … Your FREE Destination Portal

Who Is Appi Travel?

Appi Travels is a leading provider of the travel industry worldwide, offering a one-stop shopping source for booking hotel, vacations, flights, cars, cruise and activities. Appi Travel enable their affiliates to partner with them, leverage their brand to enhance the affiliates existing travel experience, earning commission revenue, and provide users with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community.

  • APPI Travels is World Wide and literally gives you FREE TRAVEL.
  • A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately.
  • The most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…
  • Appi Travels Affiliate Network and Travel products deliver best-in-class!
  • Complete Global solution to secure and benefit all Affiliates.
  • Unlimited Income + 100% Matching Bonus on all referrals.
  • Earn commissions today, GET PAID THE SAME DAY!
  • The more you share APPI TRAVEL the more FREE TRAVEL POINTS.
  • Receive a True residual income that is a recurring income

What Products Do Appi Travel Offer?

All-inclusive Vacation Packages

From secluded getaways to all-inclusive vacations, they offer up-to-date deals on the most popular trips. No matter if you prefer to vacation in the latest hot spot or wish to hide in deep wilderness.

 Featured Hotel Deals

Register FREE and browse their selection of cheap hotels to find the five-star spots or intimate inns of your dreams. They even let you compare prices on your favorites and see how the hotels rank with fellow travelers.


Jet off to any corner of the globe with their unbeatable selection of flights and airfare. Search for flights by time or carrier, you can look for the cheapest or most luxurious airline through their service.

Deals on Car Rentals

Need to rent a car? They’ve got you covered. With APPI car rental deals, you can drive from coast to coast without breaking the bank. Get ready to hit the road.

Popular Cruise Destinations

Explore the world’s most unforgettable ports-of-call with their selection of cruises, packages, and cruise deals. Thanks to APPI, sailing the high seas has never been easier.


More than 40,000 activities available Worldwide. Description, photos and Schedule available for all activities.

What Opportunity Do Appi Travel Offer?

Appi Travel offers a Business Opportunity to Affiliate Markters to earn big on a daily basis.

Appi Travel made it affordable to start with them by making the entry level an affordable onetime payment of $35. By investing in the Appi Explorer Fund 2.0 

To understand the power of the system it is best to look at this video presentation:

There is plenty testimonials, to see what the people are saying by also visiting the TESTIMONIALS link on the above page.

If you have questions about the Opportunity also visit the FQA page here

Conclusion about Appi Travel:

The Business Opportunity offered by Appi Travel is NOT to be missed. Besides the lucrative compensation plan as an Affiliate, you earn point to travel the World … FREE. If you have not visited my page yet, do so now. You will thank yourself forever joining the journey!

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