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Turn $35 into a MONTHLY FORTUNE

On publication of this post the exchange rate of $35 (US Dollar) was R515.22 (South African Rand)
There is not much Opportunities around where you can enter an EASY business like this with this low investment.
As stated you can turn $35 into a MONTHLY FORTUNE.

Appi Travel offers 3 Powerful side by side compensation plans, where we will focus in this post only on the Appi Travel Fund.

” The most luctrative compensation plan in the industry … bar none!”

It is important to note that results may vary depending on the time and effort put in by each member. Once you learn how easy it is to get into profit with the system you will drive it with a passion.

“A quitter never wins – and a winner never quits.” Napoleon Hill

With the entry-level of this Opportunity you invest ONCE $35 out of pocket.

Your purchase of $35 for the Explorer Appi Fund will give you a value of $2997 in:

  • $25 payments over and over
  • Access to a Travel Portal
  • Rebates for AppiSites
  • Appi Marketing Tools
  • Lead Generating System
  • Your very own Website
  • Social Media Marketing Coarse

Once you accumulated enough profit from the Explorer Appi Fund you can upgrade to the Traveler Appi Fund at a cost of $125 out of Profits.

Added to the above value you will receive:

  • $100 commissions over and over
  • Traffic Mastery Coarse (Value $3997)

Then you advance to the Navigator Appi Fund out of profits at a cost of $275.

Added to the above value you will receive:

  • $250 commissions over and over
  • Success Educational Coarse (Value $4997)


Travel for Free!

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