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Who or What is WS Profits?

WS Profits is a TEAM that utilizes the best marketing softwares and resources available on the Internet to maximize one’s results and to achieve massive success with GDI (Global Domains International) affiliate program.

Let’s  first explain GDI …

The Global Domains International affiliate program allows you to earn commissions promoting a monthly package that includes domain registration, hosting, email and SiteBuilder. Go >>

Global Domains International, Inc. (aka “GDI”) is a top level domain name Registry that offers a robust global affiliate program for it’s services. Established in 1999, GDI was ranked #37 out of the top 500 fastest growing privately held corporations in the USA by Inc. Magazine in 2002, placing #5 in California. Since then, GDI has grown year to year, consistently increasing penetration of the global markets, and has evolved accordingly with industry changes and demands, all while staying completely debt free.

GDI is committed to growth and mutually beneficial relationships which can be seen through our worldwide affiliate program, product offerings and IDNs. Get started with one of our programs today to see what we are all about. See what people love about GDI.

What is the WSProfits TEAM about?

We want you to know that we at WSProfits are 100% committed to YOUR success. You now have access to the best marketing software’s and resources available on the Internet to maximize your results and achieve massive success!

You’re In Control

Once you joined our TEAM you will be able to login your WSProfits Back Office.  You will have access to your own  Control Panel of your business! From here, you can access your marketing software’s, as well as other useful tools to get your GDI business off the ground and take it to the next level!

You’ll see menu options in the bar running along the top of the page. Each button transports you to a different page. The functions of each are described below.



The Softwares page is where you’ll learn how WSProfits marketing softwares work and how to set them up in order for them to automate the entire advertising process for you and turbocharge your GDI business.


The Tools page is where you’ll find everything related to your marketing needs in order to grow your GDI business, including your marketing websites and your ad copies.


On the Stats page you can monitor and track all your statistics, including the number of your unique and returning visitors, as well as contact information of your leads and members.


If you need guidance and advice, go to the Help page and contact your WSProfits enroller or your GDI sponsor. If you have questions regarding technical aspect of the system, contact our WSProfits support team.

Also, check out the buttons in the left hand column for links to other valuable resources. You’ll find links to your profile, your marketing websites and ad copies, statistic reports, and contact information for your upline support team. Being a member of WSProfits, you now have full access to the most powerful software’s in the industry!

But remember, as powerful as these softwares are to help you make a LOT of money, it’s up to YOU to utilize them to achieve maximum success!

NOT on my TEAM yet?

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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